Women of Congo – Men’s battlefield

In the southeastern region of Congo, Kivu, 1500 women are being raped every week. The women are raped in their homes, kidnapped, tortured and forced to live as sex slaves for months. Some have been forced to watch when their children are murdered in front of them. Some women are killed after the abuse. The fighting groups systematically use sexual abuse as a way to terrorize and humiliate the population. The government army is also guilty of assault. Women are extremely vulnerable because they are excluded from the society after the assaults. The abuses increase in number every year, and are also becoming rougher. Out in the villages there are thousands of women who have not yet received care. Many women are in need of urgent surgery. When the team from the Panzi Hospital arrives to the village of Mulamba the women are waiting for help. The last year, over 100 women have been raped only in this village. Story from the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Congo who’s founder is Dr. Denis Mukwege, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for his global efforts to end the use of rape as a weapon of war. Text by Staffan Lindberg.

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