Corporate, documentary and dance films that I’ve filmed and scripted.

Panzi Hospital, Congo

The work of Dr. Denis Mukwege, reciever of the Nobel Peace Price.

Moise, Bughea, Romania

Aktion Julklappen, Läkarmissionen

Stockholm Fishmarket

Project for Länsstyrelsen (the Swedish County Board)

Child labor, Ethiopia

Project against child labor, Addis Abbeba

Children of the sewer

Angela, Bucharest, Romania

Innan Gryningen

Dance: Elin Hedin Choreography and Editing: Karin Andelius Photo & Editing: Erika Stenlund

Archipelago Song

Produced, choreographed, directed and edited by Karin Andelius
Filmed, directed and edited by Erika Stenlund


Organic skincare, film for social media


Organic skincare, film for social media

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