Claude is 38 years old and lives in an apartment in the southern part of Stockholm. His best friend is the Cat and his girlfriend Pia, whom he met in the park 13 years ago. Together they have a daughter, Lisa, who is 8 years old. Claude was adopted from India when he was 7 years old and works in the kitchen at the Catholic seminary where he got a wage for his work. In his spare time he likes to sit on his bench in the park or painting icons.
    ”I am the king of the South, I know all people”

    ”Stop no advertising I have what I need”

    ”I like to go swimming in the public bath, but I do not like to show myself to the women.”

    ”I think legs are nice. I walked passed a shop window with torsos and asked the store if I could rent the legs ”

    ”Lisa will be a great fashion model when she grows up, she might be just as charming as I am”

    ”I met Pia on a bench in the Rosenlund park 1989. I asked if she could invite me for some coffee. Yes, she said ”

    ”At night I cry when no one can see me. I don’t want to show everyone what I feel.

    ”A man should not cry, he must have a strong heart. It is only girls who cry”

    ”The icons provide strength, hope and miracles if you pray to them”

    ”I have a good friend, the Cat. She cares about me anyway. When I’m sad, I go to the Cat, she always understands me.”